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Hampshire Shops

Are you fed up of going outside in the cold, sitting in traffic and wasting precious time out of your day to get to the shops, only to find that the items that you want aren't in stock, or the shops are so busy and the queues are practically out of the door? If the answer to that question is yes, then the solution for you is Hampshire Shops.


Hampshire Shops is your one stop, all-inclusive service that offers you the chance to shop through thousands of well-known products and brands right from the comfort of your own home!

   No more leaving your warm and cosy house to go outside in the cold and rain.

   No more wasting money on petrol and then parking once you get to the shops.

   No more spending hours of your day simply travelling to and from the shops.

   No more getting bumped into and bashed around while in busy shop.

   No pressure from pestering shop assistants when you just want to be left in peace.

   No more Spending ages in the queue.

   And no more having to make the whole journey again if the product isn't right for you!



How it works

With Hampshire Shops you can simply enter the website and use the search bar to search for any product that you wish to view or buy. Alternatively you can browse the many categories on the site, from store names, to brand names and product names. You can also search for product types such as:




   Home furnishing



and more...


When on an item you can view its product details, specifications and see pictures of the items. You then have the option to choose which store you would like to purchase the item from. But don't worry, we wont send you off to another website to start all over again, we will give you a drop down list of the top stores that sell those products, the price that they are selling them for, and the delivery times. Of course most people go for the cheaper option but some people have brand loyalty or preference so would prefer to go with a particular store or company. 

Once you have chosen your item, and which store you would like it to be from, you simply click on order now and we will do the rest for you! Our team instantly contacts the store, make the order, and arrange the delivery of the item so that you can sit back and have a cup of tea. 


Product comparisons

We also offer a fantastic comparison service. All you need to do is select the item that you like and our technology will compile a comparison for all similar items. You can then be sure to find the most suitable one for you!


Free returns

Regardless of the policy from the store, we will offer you not only free returns if the item is not to your satisfaction, but collect of those items for you so that you still don't need to leave your home!


Happy shopping!




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