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CAD jewelry design - Ever heard of it? Check out the latest trend in modern Jewelry

Technology and the World of Fashion

Technology is ever on a roll in improving various aspects of our lives and with every growing needs and demands, it’s no surprise technology finds its way into virtually every field currently in play in today’s world. According to this BBC article, technology is even playing a major role in the world of fashion.

Fashion has always been a key element of consideration for most of the population if not all since it goes a long way in making lasting impressions about one’s self. The clothes, shoes, jewels and other accessories all go a long way in complementing the overall impression one will have on someone. The crew over at Hatton Gardens in this scenario have zeroed in on the jewelry aspect of fashion and are already making waves with their consistently elegant products and services.

What it CAD Jewelry Design?

CAD jewelry design is a somewhat unfamiliar piece of technology to many people who don’t really have time to keep up with all emerging trends. CAD, short for “Computer Aided Design”, is a relatively simple term to get since the whole thing is virtually explained in its title.

Computer Aided Design involves simply using a computer together with a specialized software for design purposes. CAD has prominently been used in the building sector where many engineers and architects make their designs and plans before arriving at final conclusion to the plans in question. 

In this case, design software specialized to jewelry is made use of. 

How it’s Done

There are a lot of jewelers now offering this particular type of Jewellery Monthly but the overall process to get your own piece is broadly similar wherever you may choose to go. Simply walk into your preferred jeweler of choice and ask for the service. You will then go through the motions of designing your piece of jewelry from scratch or by making editions on existing templates or pieces you may have seen from other sources such as the Jewellery Services magazine. What this means is that from the get go, only the aspects you want on your piece will be made present on it and before the piece is even moved to production, you can see the final 3d impression of it, right down to the details such as engravings and make any changes if the need arises. After you are satisfied with what you see, the piece will then move to production and will be availed to you once completed.

The perks of CAD Jewelry Design

 The whole creative process is virtually in your hands. You just give out the ideas on how and what to place on your piece.    It gives the user a great edge since they’ll know exactly what they’re going to get.
 Getting to see the final piece before it is actually manufactured also goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. At this stage you can go over every little detail and make changes or corrections necessary before the piece finally goes into production.    It saves time on the hassles of having to look for ‘the perfect piece’ since now you can make one as you see fit in your own specific tastes.

Picking out the right Jewelery for You

Having decided that CAD jewelry making is for you, it’s now time to go find a good enough jeweler to deliver. As earlier mentioned, jewelers over at stores like Hatton Garden or Outwork which also has excellent jewelry services, are already at the top of their game, but if you can’t get to these particular stores, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be on the look-out for jewel retailers that have little credibility for their services as they may not deliver according to expectations.

2. Look for a jeweler that is up to your budgetary constraints since jewelry procurement can turn into a costly affair if not well planned for.

3. Check on the reputation of the staff available. Is their lead designer and or master craftsman up to par? Does he/she have enough experience to guarantee quality delivery?

The rest of the process will be relatively rosy after picking out who to go for as your jeweler. Online resources such as Jewelry Monthly can also go a long way in cutting time on the whole process since they can point you toward a particularly good design for your jewelry or an excellently rated jeweler that is bound to deliver whatever you will throw at them to make for you.


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