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How to buy diamond rings in London

How not to stress over engagement rings 

Rings aren't usually a man's thing. There are some out there who like to look good or even faaabulous with a couple nice pieces of jewellry on their fingers, but mostly, it's somewhat foreign to the male kind to go to a jewellry store and choose a ring for any purpose. And when that purpose is no other than propposing to your loved one, with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life, the level of difficulty increases. This isn't a mere present for somebody, or something you're buying to yourself, so you know what you like. This is a meaningful object that will embody your message, your feelings and your will to bind your life to someone else's. It's a big deal, so it's a big decision.

So here you are, quite likely stepping into unknown territory, with a very important choice ahead of you. And there are so many options! So many models! So many colours! And so many implicit rules you have to follow in order to make sure you get the right piece for the big question.

But fear not, here you will find very valuable advice. We present to you a few tips, useful information and a couple resources to help you with this quest. Keep the important things in mind, never forget the love that you feel, pay attention and study carefully your options. 

Choosing an engagement ring like a pro

The main aspects you have to consider when buying an engagement ring are practicity, aesthetics and budget. The third one is perhaps the easiest one: you know how much you can spend on the jewell and how much you are expected to pay according to your income. We can get that one off the board quite quickly and focus on the other two.

Practicity is often overlooked, but you should bear it in mind when buying an engagement ring. Will the ring fit the finger it's meant for? Will it be too heavy or uncomfortable to use? Will its pointy tips get caught in the clothes or sheets? You need to consider these questions, especially if your fiancee to be has an active life and a clumsy ring would get in their way.

The right size is also a biggie because you want it to fit perfectly when they put it on. The trick here is to take to the jeweller a print of your partner's ring in order to get the right measure. You can press the ring on a bar of soap or draw the inside on a paper with a pencil.

And then, there is aesthetics. This is the most personal one. You have to know your partner and realize what they like. Their favourite colour, their favourite style. There are tons of different diamond rings, so you can choose between a wide variety of options. Read this article on Vogue to get an idea on what sorts of rings are available out there before you go out and actually do some shop surfing. This one on Mens Guide is also very useful if you find yourself lost trying to buy a great diamond ring.

Find fine engagement rings in London

One of the biggest challenges of buying an item of any kind is how many options you need to consider before picking one. In the case of engagement rings, a fitting choice is so important that you can't overlook the previous process of shopping around, comparing options and finally choosing the one. This sounds very stressful and time consuming. You go from place to place, search in the Internet or catalogues you're unfamiliar with, and then you go out and spend hours travelling from one store to another. 

The trick is to find a place with multiple jewellry stores, one by the other, all of them with great quality pieces and personalized options for you to find the perfect piece. If you live in London or close to the city, then Hatton Gardens is the place where you should go. This alley is full of first class jewellry shops and silversmithies with all the options you need. If you need some orientation, the sellers or silversmiths themselves will offer you guidance and provide advice on what your best options are according to your possibilities and needs. You can go from shop to shop very easily, they're just a few steps away from each other. You can see all your options in one go, listen to many voices and finally make your choice.

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