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When shopping for the French market

The beautiful country of France has so many exquisite products to offer: French food, French wine, French cheese and French perfumes to name a few. If you live in the UK, in the US or some other country far from France, you may wonder how to shop for French products. With the Internet, a reliable and cost-effective option is to order from a French online store. In this article, we will take a food product as an example of a French specialty that one can find online.

The latest French food trend: French Macarons

If you have been to France or if you have a French bakery close to where you live, you may have heard of macarons. Macarons are delicious French delicacies that are very common in Paris and all over France. Year after year, French macarons are becoming more and more popular in the US and world wide. If you are a good cook and a litle adventurous, you can try and bake your own macarons. Please click here to find macarons recipes. Please be forewarned, however, about the fact that baking macarons is not really straightforward. So you may want to buy or order macarons if you want to enjoy the real thing.

Where to Buy French Macarons?

The question is: where can you find a French bakery that makes those delicate treats? Well, now you can order French macaroons online from Saveur du Jour, a French online store that distributes French proucts world wide. On, you will find a wide range of macaron flavors, including chocolate, lemon, raspberry and pistachio. They also sell combo trays so you can enjoy multiple flavors with a single order. We like to buy from Saveur du Jour because their macarons are made by French chefs with natural ingredients. Select your products and order online: you will get your macarons one or two days after you place your order, depending on the shipping option you choose. So go to and you will receive gourmet French macarons straight to your home!

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